Discover your unconscious beliefs that create your suffering or stuckness and use them as fuel for your own mission in this world. I will help you discover that connection and be clear on your gift/soul intention that will become an unstoppable force behind your mission.
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The Experience

No more fears, suffering, stuck-ness and lack of self-belief! It's time for you to shine your light brightly and step in your full innate power. As your self-awareness and self-realization grow, watch everything in your world come into place—relationships, work, play... I will hold a safe space for you to move through the experience with grace and love.


  1. Face your shadow (fears, insecurities), realizing that those are all stories
  2. Start trusting in your desires and magnificence
  3. Create a rock-solid inner (beliefs) and outer (habits) foundation on which you can build your Dharmic service.

Client love: "Since I realized my core destructive beliefs, I’ve felt such a big shift, feeling much more centered and integrated within myself, not being concerned with my issues." - Annette

We will go through the following modules/coaching experiences

I Trust Myself (Week 1): We will start together by setting the baseline for succeeding in life & business utilizing a process I refer to as your healthy model of reality. This will allow you to gain deep life & self-awareness and connection to self so you can trust yourself more and stop resisting life. This process sets the stage for tapping into your highest vision of yourself & humanity.

Pain to Mission (Week 2): Bringing forth your vision is the easy part. Believing you are worthy of it is an entirely different thing, which is why in our second week together, I will personally guide you through a transformative “3h” process, to “clear the slate” of any destructive beliefs or habits that have been obstacles for you in the past or maybe your whole life. Evolving out of destructive patterns into 'divine' patterns as your self-awareness and realizations grow, you'll transform the pattern from negative into positive or from shadow to soul mission.

All the reasons that have stopped you in the past (unworthiness, powerlessness, self-doubt, procrastination, confusion, stuckness, fears), will no longer phase you. You will feel liberated, and ready to bring your mission forward.

Show Up Powerfully (Week 3) Know who you are, what your natural tendencies are, core values and set the stage to powerfully show up in the world. Start expressing authentically and magnetize your soul clients.

This is an on-demand course and you can start at any time!

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Your Host: Klementina

Member since February 2021

Klementina is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

Klementina is obsessed with Live Your Truth Mindset + Taking Bold Action + Evolving Humanity. After a successful corporate career where she led multi-million dollars projects and contracts, she pursued her passion & consulted sustainability nonprofits & startups. Having founded one business, she started doing what was always her passion - guiding humans who know there's more to life to get on the fastest path to fulfilling their highest potential. She guide people to create from who they truly are, by integrating their shadow and opening up to what's possible.

Tell us more about what brought you to the path that you're on, the "why" behind your business and your offering(s), what excites you most about the work that you do, etc...?

Klementina's WHY I’ve made many mistakes, but there’s a single one which stands out. Without it, I would have been an unstoppable force of good, much earlier in my life and I would have probably been able to help many more people and bring my vision to reality much faster.⁠ ⁠ The biggest mistake I made was ‘NOT believing in myself and in my innate potential’. I was on many levels defined by my family, family’s history, my childhood friends, social standards, my country, being a female, my own stories about myself - of which some of them were destructive such as I'm a fraud, I'm not adequate, I'm not enough, etc. ⁠ ⁠ I had developed certain success formulas in my childhood, which worked for me to achieve ‘success’ as socially accepted, such as ‘working hard’. Bottom line was that the ‘working hard’ was over-compensating for my own lack of trust in myself & lack of confidence in my own intellect, physical beauty and ability to navigate life and achieve real and authentic success on my own. This is why I supported others, worked under umbrella of a company, but I did not dare to do something by myself which is aligned to who I truly am and what I want to see in the world.⁠ ⁠ 'I trust myself' is a key principle I help my clients embody so they can move beyond the stories of not enough-ness which create stuck-ness and suffering, and become a conscious creator by living their innate soul mission.⁠
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