Connect to yourself and revitalize. Slowing down is what a lot of us find resistance towards and at the same time it is one of the most wonderful ways to truly, deeply connect and experience ourselves. You are invited to take a week away for yourself – of moving your body, nourishing your heart.
The basics
Yoga & Ayurveda, Meditation, Food, Nature & Recreation, Art & Music
Prop rental
Lessons or coaching
1:1 lessons
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Disability friendly
Typical Pickup: Andriana Corfu Apartments, Corfu, Greece
Suitable for: Solo traveler
Ambience: Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Half board

The Destination

Come to gorgeous Corfu, in sunny and warm Greece to enjoy the Ionian sea breeze, to taste local food, to move your body, to listen to your soul, to chill on the wonderful sandy beach of St. George or Issos and reconnect with you!

The Experience

These 7 days will be an exciting, joyful and profound journey for you. You will reconnect with yourself and your essence through a well designed yoga practice from experienced teachers. In this retreat, you will have the opportunity to deeply relax through beautiful meditations, yin yoga classes or breathing exercises. Let go of stress and old emotions, strengthen the body and come back into balance by joining creative Vinyasa flows or grounding Hatha classes. This retreat allows you to take time for yourself and gives you the space to really listen to your needs. Everything we offer is optional. Wether the morning meditations, group activities like hiking, a boat tour, or yoga workshops and classes. Athina and Cedric are experienced teachers and the founders of INEA YOGA School & Retreat Centre Corfu. They will guide and support you wholeheartedly with their presence and full attention. This is a week where you go for what you want! Full stop. The nature around, including the crystal clear sea and the olive groves, is the perfect environment for rest, peace and connection. INEAYOGA is a place to meet like-minded people from Europe and around the world, where you decide how deep you want to go. Do you want to experience a light, summery, vacation-like yoga retreat or a deep self-exploration journey – or both at the same time? Find us on Corfu!


Our Base is a place where we create space for you to encounter your Self. We offer a natural and peaceful environment, where like-minded people can meet, exchange, grow and enjoy. Enjoy the comfort of your own room, or share your journey with a friend you came with, or one you made here. Our premises are surrounded by beautiful nature, well-maintained gardens, little areas for creating your own space of quiet and peace and it's all a 2-minute walk from the beach. Refuel your body with mindful movement, greek sunshine and local delights, and feel healthy and ready for the life that is waiting ahead. No matter what your level of asana practice, you are welcome to come and enjoy yourself. We will provide you with everything you need in order to relax and immerse yourself in daily yoga classes, meditation, breathwork, mantra singing and more... surrounded by stunning sunsets, sea views, chilling sessions in the "kipo" and, of course, plenty of gorgeous, healthy, freshly cooked, local vegetarian food. Athina's grandma is involved in this... it will be amazing!
From $1055 / 6 nights From $1055 / 6 nights

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Your Host: Cedric

Member since February 2021

Cedric is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

EXPERIENCE RYT® 500 • Yoga Alliance™ Registered Yoga Teacher RYT® 200 • Anusara Elements™ Yoga Teacher RYT® 150 • Yin Yoga Teacher RYT® 50 • Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Tibetan Bowl Sound Treatment (Level 2)

Tell us more about what brought you to the path that you're on, the "why" behind your business and your offering(s), what excites you most about the work that you do, etc...?

Yoga is very special to me – its a powerful yet transformative way of living an extraordinary life. Yoga is the connection of breathing, moving and consciousness. It’s the path to experiencing my Self – on or off the mat. I am a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher for Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as Tantric Hatha Yoga. Furthermore I did a four weeks Karma Yogi service in assisting ongoing yoga teachers. I teach yoga in German and English language. I find the full depth of Yoga in meditation. Since I started my Yoga practice, meditation is my foundation and inspiration. I practiced Kryia Yoga and did a 10 days silent Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Setu, India. I call myself a researcher and discoverer of consciousness. As a teacher I don’t want to convince you of something, I want to create a space, offering ideas, tools and movements, where you can discover and experiencing your Self.
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