Experience a holistic wellness retreat immersed in rural environment or in a luxurious hotel. Morning yoga , hiking with a sea-view, biking through vineyards, evening meditation near the sea. Mediterranean gastronomy with a tasting journey through Istrian cuisine. Nurture your body and mind.
The basics
Yoga & Ayurveda, Meditation, Nature & Recreation
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Lessons or coaching
1:1 lessons
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Typical Pickup: Žminj, Croatia
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple
Ambience: Luxurious, Rustic
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast

The Destination

Istria is the biggest Croatian peninsula located in the northern Adriatic. Its medieval splendour, stunning coastline and mediterranean food will take your breath. Istria has a complicated history and the echoes still resonate, particularly in the cuisine and language. Most Istrians speak Italian as well as Croatian, and many places have names in both languages. Istria has a verdant indented coastline, a hilly rural hinterland with vineyards and olive groves, guarded by medieval fortified hill towns. Istrian people are known for their hospitality and openness and don’t be surprised if they invite you for a glass of their home produced wine. Olive has been an important determinant of Istria since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Istrian olive oils are considered some of the best in the world, and they can be tasted in the finest mills and taverns across the peninsula. The climate is mild, Mediterranean, with warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. It has an average of 2,338 sunny hours per year, and 10 hours of sun per day during the summer. The average air temperature during the coldest part of the year is 6°C and 30°C during the warmest. Most beaches in Istria are rocky, stone, pebble, and in certain locations, sandy with lush Mediterranean vegetation reaching down to the sea, the perfect basis for your holidays in Istria.

The Experience

Nurture your body and mind, feel rejuvenated and gain a better understanding of how to support the functions of your body to meet your health goals. A retreat where you will reset your mind, get in better shape and enjoy nature and local food. You can choose among health and fitness retreat, yoga and meditation retreat or active and adventurous experience.

Retreats are located in small Istrian villages where you will experience pure nature and be located in boutique accommodation. Istria has a verdant indented coastline with a hilly rural hinterland full of vineyards and olive groves, guarded by medieval fortified hill towns.

Yoga and Meditation

Nurture your body and mind. Feel rejuvenated and gain a better understanding of how to support the functions of your body to meet your health goals.

Reset your mind, learn how to make small but important life changes, get in better shape and experience new adventures. Improve your endurance and strength, mobility and flexibility and learn how to bring more activity into your daily life.

Health and Fitness

Outdoor activities, fitness training (group and one-to-one), hiking, cycling, kayaking… Customised programs Improve your endurance and strength Improve mobility and flexibility Learn how to bring activity into your daily life

Adventure and Activities

Experience all the best nature has to offer Hiking and trail running. Cycling in Croatian Tuscany (Istria) Paddle in the sea and lakes Experience horseback riding SUP

Coaching and workshops

Learn how to progress in your life. The knowledge you gain can optimise your life. Learn about healthy living, quality of sleep, stress management, nutrition. Workshops, cooking lessons and private consultations.


The art of doing nothing Breathing workshops Massage SPA Treatments Custumized workshops


Casa Matiki is a typical Istrian stone house surrounded by beautiful gardens full of colors and fragrances that allow a pleasant stay. Reconstructed with care, the farm offers a unique and traditional experience of an old Istrian farm with all the amenities for a comfortable holiday. At Matiki we love animals and our dogs and donkeys are a part of the family that welcomes you and makes your stay unforgettable. Spend your farm holiday away from the crowds in our charming farmhouse and surround yourself with tranquility and green rolling hills. Situated in the centre of Istria in a beautifull countryside location, Matiki makes an ideal strating point for exploration of wonderful secluded beaches, charming coastal towns, stunning hilltop villages and wineyards of Istria. Or you can spend a restful day reading, chatting or swimming in the pool. Hotel Park is nestled in a fragrant pine forest on the seafront overlooking St Katarina Island and the charming old town of Rovinj, lies this elegant hotel, designed by the renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni and Croatian 3LHD Studio. On the six floors of the hotel, you can enjoy one of the elegantly designed rooms and suites, dine in a collection of restaurants, shop in exclusive boutiques and rejuvenate in the sensational Albaro Wellness & Spa. Hotel Lone is just like in a contemporary art museum, every detail in this hotel will awaken your desire to explore. As a member of the exclusive lifestyle brand Design Hotels™, Lone features an impeccable blend of luxury, beauty, style and cultural heritage, making it a perfect year-round leisure and business destination.
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Your Host: Karla

Member since February 2021

Karla is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

Sport and science is what I love and what I do with passion. I love to challenge my body and my mind. Since I was a child I remember me running, cycling, swimming,…always doing something active. But on the other hand I am also a calm and peaceful person. My dad introduced me to yoga at age of 5 and it has become a part of my life since then. Yoga helped me to stay focused and to find balance in what I do. I am a triathlete specialised in extreme triathlons where the body and mind have to work in synchrony because without strong will, commitment, inner balance, self-confidence a long distance race can’t be finished. I am a person who loves life, movement, appreciates small things. I try to live in balance with nature as it gives me energy for my endeavours. I love to teach people how to transform oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. I teach yoga for 10 years and my teaching style is a synthesis of dedicated hard work, deep study, and a unique fusion of various schools of yoga. I work as a holistic personal coach where I use my knowledge of body mechanics, the understanding of the complexities of movement and psychology. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Masters degree in Business Law from the University of Vienna and a PhD in Behavioural Economics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Tell us more about what brought you to the path that you're on, the "why" behind your business and your offering(s), what excites you most about the work that you do, etc...?

My life story is like the sea, some periods were very calm and some were real storms. I struggled with an eating disorder during my studies because I wanted to be perfect in all aspects of my life. Than I realised that life is so much more, that there are small things that can makes us brilliant and happy. I decided to dedicate my studies to yoga and learn how to help people by giving them tools to find balance in life. I love sport and through sport I try to inspire and get you moving, not just physically but also mentally. On retreats I offer you will experience lots of relaxed moments, no pressure, lots of smiles and learn to enjoy moments. I just love to teach and give, I love to share my knowledge and see happy faces after my lessons. I love to be part of your transformation.
Karla has been selected as a host by nourish. We only accept hosts which are trustworthy and have a great quality in service to make sure you get the best experience possible.