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  • Member since: February 2021
  • From: Grosuplje, Slovenia
Sport and science is what I love and what I do with passion. I love to challenge my body and my mind. Since I was a child I remember me running, cycling, swimming,…always doing something active. But on the other hand I am also a calm and peaceful person. My dad introduced me to yoga at age of 5 and it has become a part of my life since then. Yoga helped me to stay focused and to find balance in what I do. I am a triathlete specialised in extreme triathlons where the body and mind have to work in synchrony because without strong will, commitment, inner balance, self-confidence a long distance race can’t be finished. I am a person who loves life, movement, appreciates small things. I try to live in balance with nature as it gives me energy for my endeavours. I love to teach people how to transform oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. I teach yoga for 10 years and my teaching style is a synthesis of dedicated hard work, deep study, and a unique fusion of various schools of yoga. I work as a holistic personal coach where I use my knowledge of body mechanics, the understanding of the complexities of movement and psychology. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Masters degree in Business Law from the University of Vienna and a PhD in Behavioural Economics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.