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  • Member since: February 2021
  • From: London, United Kingdom
Hi I am Diane, born in Germany and living in London now for 15 years. My enthusiasm for nutrition runs like a red thread through my life. I was a keen swimmer in my early teens and went on to become a personal trainer. My fascination in the human body and the importance of keeping it healthy, led me on my journey to train and become a bodyworker, yoga teacher and most recently and fasting guide. My philosophy is that everyone is individual. That is why every therapeutic approach in my work is precisely tailored to the individual. As an alternative practitioner, I always look for hidden reasons for anyone’s health issues. Not the individual body condition is treated, but the whole person. The Individual with everything that makes him/her -his/her body, mind & soul, peculiarities, experiences, and history. I am also a reiki practitioner, hold women circles, facilitate workshops, and host retreats. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in nature and love to experiment in the kitchen as I believe in the mantra: “Let food be thy medicine.”