7 days of guided practice to both understand and embody what it means to cultivate rest and clarity through the body and the mind. It's a powerful nod of acknowledgement that Yoga isn't random but a systematic science & time-tested wisdom.
The basics
Yoga & Ayurveda, Meditation, Spiritual

The Experience

Why do we practice? It’s an important question to ask ourselves because the “why” will often inform the “what & how”…

This course is 7 days of guided practice offering the wisdom of traditional yoga so that you can harness yourself with the knowledge & understanding of how to declutter a busy mind, to know what actually works to help soothe the nervous system, so that you can effectively start to reduce stress & anxiety, and come back to an experience of peaceful rest & heightened awareness.

Together we’ll explore the various methods that both individually, and even more so collectively, make your journey back to mental clarity & embodied wholeness, rich & fruitful. You’ll begin to measure the power of asana, pranayama & meditation, how they help to shape the mind, and as such, shape your day. Each day includes an optional journalling process to reflect & measure the experience of your practice, so that you can begin to observe what it means for you personally and truly taste how it practice & experience progresses over the week - not just on the mat but as you move through your day.

Day 1 - Leverage the Breath, Leverage the Mind (Part I)

Guided practice emphasising the importance of your breath as a means to shaping the mind & nervous system. Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and empty out.

Day 2 - Letting Go: The Function of Forward Folds

Guided practice to feel and embody the intended function of forward folds, igniting our capacity to empty out & release.

Day 3 - Embracing Stillness

Guided practice combining the power of breath, forward folds with the added infusion of stillness (one of Yoga's core teachings), noticing what it affords the mind.

Day 4 - Leverage the Breath, Leverage the Mind (Part II)

Guided practice emphasising the importance of your breath as a means to shaping the mind & nervous system. Balance the left & right hemispheres of the brain and cultivate homeostasis.

Day 5 - Extracting Wisdom: The Function of Twists

Guided practice to feel and embody the intended function of twists, igniting our capacity to digest & assimilate. Find the centre & clarity to turn experience into wisdom.

Day 6 - Becoming the Witness

Guided practice to intertwine everything already touched upon, cultivating a powerful experience of practice and its ability to drop you back into the space of witness, harnessing your capacity for present moment awareness.

Day 7 - Override Distraction: Third-Eye Kriya

All practice points towards meditation - experience a technique that meets the mind in its movement first, and then skilfully draws it towards the heart of stillness whilst purifying the intended area of focus. Third-Eye Kriya is a means of emptying the mind of clutter and awakening awareness so that we can meet the truth of our experiences with steady clarity & ease.

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Your Host: Christina

Member since February 2021

Christina is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

I'm Yoga & Meditation teacher & mentor, focussing on sharing the far reaching potential of Yoga and its capacity to uncover greater joy. My invitation is to embrace practice as a spiritual science. To learn how to move with purpose, breathe with wisdom and begin the journey of turning your attention inwards so that you can remember a state of Being that is inherently whole, ultimately living with greater joy and play!

Tell us more about what brought you to the path that you're on, the "why" behind your business and your offering(s), what excites you most about the work that you do, etc...?

It was a simple longing for more from life that led me to Yoga. A lingering sense of dissatisfaction with me and my place in the world that kept me searching. Practice became these fleeting moments of not wanting, of the roaming mind slowing down, and it felt so sweet, so welcome, that I kept going back for more. This led me to my first training and the rest is history! Yoga has this incredible capacity to spark change, even when you're not seeking it. It wants more for us, actually it wants the BEST for us - and if we're willing to show up and do the work, to apply right effort, we'll uncover and access that best, a life that feels vibrant and full. The intention behind each of my offerings is to: 1) Make Yoga feel less cryptic. To provide an access point for actually feeling what the teachings speak to so that it's not just intellectualised but powerfully embodied. 2) Hold space for others to find their own unique expression of what practice means to them, to offer the insight and understanding that will enable them to breathe life into their own experience, ultimately empowering them to become their own teacher and connect back to intuitive wisdom 3) Provide an experience to remember the innate wholeness of being, again and again and again...because really that's it. To remember that we are already enough and there is nothing outside of ourselves that can add to or take away from that. The thing that excites me the most about this work is the capacity for human connection, and how through practice & coming together we can create an opening to realise just how shared our experiences are...we're not separate or alone, just inherently human. It ignites our capacity to hold and be held, then we feel safe enough to access the best of ourselves and courageously express that into the world.
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